Hyper MP -Multi Purpose grease. Urea water resistant with best friction ratio. Best use for CVT joints, wheel bearings, increase top speed up to 4 KM/H. Can withstand EP- Extreme Pressure and is long life.
This is OSMOSIL penetrating greasing lubricant.
Hyper MP liquid grease.
Fast dry brake parts cleaner. Degreaser & cleaner for all metal parts.
NC-102 transformed to liquid upon spraying causes surface tension to become weak, causing the grease
component in the spray to penetrate deeply into the surface. Just in a few seconds, penetrated grease film. NC-102 prevents swelling of rubber parts and is
also effective to use on sealed chains.
Strong penetration power, lubricating performance extreme
pressure & waterproofing all in one. Works hard as
anti-rust, anti-wear, water resistant agent. Helps loosening hardened nuts & bolts.
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